Yung Staxx – Swaggin’ Rights

1. Hustle Hard (Yung Staxx)
2. To The Top (Yung Staxx)
3. Bad Chick (Yung Staxx)
4. Cashin Out (Yung Staxx)
5. Outer Space (Yung Staxx)
6. Big Bank (Yung Staxx)
7. On A Island (Yung Staxx)
8. Turn My Swg On (Yung Staxx)
9. Check My  status (Yung Staxx)
10. Pop It Drop It (Yung Staxx)
11. Swag Back (Yung Staxx)
12. Ridin (Yung Staxx)
13. Right Above It (Yung Staxx)
14. Cant see Me (Yung Staxx)
15. Tony Montana (Yung Staxx)

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