01. Welcome To Paradise
02. Clear The Room (Ft.Trey Slay)(Prod. by Epik)
03. Hi Rihanna
04. Midnight at PCB
05. Baddest Bitch I’ve Ever Seen (Prod. by RoBeatz)
06. That Guy (Prod. by Track Bangas)
07. Southern Hospitality
08. A Hater’s Heartbreak (Prod. by Jayrox)
09. By Any Means (Prod. by Sdotfire)
10. My Shit Raw (Tay Gunna)(Prod. by CMPLXmusic)
11. Memory Lane (Prod. by adothegod)
12. On One (Ft.Yago and Prude)(Prod. by BRAVESTARR)
13. Hunger Games
14. My Otha Bitch (Ft.Trey Slay)(Prod. by Sdotfire)
15. Love This Shit
16. Down For Whatever (Prod. by The Amazinz)
17. Muhfucka Up (Remix)
18. I Do That (Prod. by Squid)
19. Countdown (Remix)
20. Goin’ Crazy
21. I’m In A Zone (Prod. by BRAVESTARR)
22. Second Nature (Bonus Track)(Prod. by Highlight)

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