1. Good Morning World (GWOP INC.)
2. Right One (GWOP INC. ft. Stizzle)
3. Heavy Weight (GWOP INC.)
4. Fuck a Hoe (GWOP INC. ft Muddy Infant)
5. I Like (GWOP INC.)
6. Everyday (GWOP INC.)
7. Ballin (GWOP INC.)
8. Fight Muzik (GWOP INC.)
9. 51/50 (GWOP INC.)
10. We Ain’t Trippin (GWOP INC.)
11. G.W.O.P. (GWOP INC.)
12. Lord Knows (GWOP INC.)
13. In My Zone (GWOP INC)
14. Lisa McDowell (GWOP INC ft. Rikki J)
15. Broken Dreams (GWOP INC)
16. Matter of Time (GWOP INC)

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New Orleans own GWOP INC presents the most anticipated street album of 2012 “Raw & Order”. The team of Xuede and Five deliver up a dose of much missed rwness with their debut album; after the Coast2Coast top 50 indie artist success of singles “Good Moning World” and “We Ain’t Trippin”, they have finally released the rawest mixtape in years. For booking or info please e-mail gwopinc@ymail.com follow us them on Twitter @gwopinc or Facebook GWOP INC.. You may also download the GWOP INC app for Android to keep in contact or get the latest releases.